Why Choose Ashish Gupta as a Political Consultant?

Why Choose Ashish Gupta as a Political Consultant?

Politics have always played a vital role in building a nation. It is the platform where politicians uphold to exhibit their ability and promise to mold the culture as well as the virtual society. Irrespective of gender, it is the duty of every politician to shape the nation. Along with positive and proactive mindset, a politician should also have a focused gateway mentioning their manifesto that should act beneficial for every citizen. To make sure that every step moved by the politician is lucrative for the citizen, they need the help of an active political adviser. Ashish Gupta is one such name in this genre who is the best and most famous political strategists of India.

Mr Ashish Gupta is the Founder & Director of Make You Big, which is a media agency (Election management company in Bihar) that deals with the services in PR, Advertising and Digital Signage. The agency was started by Mr Gupta in the year 2016, where he successfully dealt with several clients in the political area. From the date of inception, the political guru, Mr Gupta worked to support the politicians as their active consultant and helped in bringing up the clear vision and progressive memorandum. He and his team of experts designed strategies that helped in enhancing the candidate’s brand and elect-ability. The team of Mr Gupta can work for you in different genres such as

  • ·         Print Media management
  • ·         Electronic Media Management
  • ·         Speech Writing
  • ·         Slogan Development
  • ·         Content Development
  • ·         Campaign Material Design
  • ·         Development and Printing
  • ·         Jingles Development
  • ·         Videos Production
  • ·         Booth Management
  • ·         On-the-ground Surveys
  • ·         Competitive Intelligence
  • ·         Online PR, Social Media Management
  • ·         Political PR on Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube


He planned different media strategies and campaigns that helped the candidates to earn the support and faith of targeted voter groups. Mr Gupta runs a successful leading Political Consultancy Firm, where he and his team works reasonably to bring up procedures of conveying the messages to the citizens. He uses 3-way strategies, i.e. Intelligence, Innovate, Implement which helps him manage the complex challenges in the political ecology. Mr Gupta and his team manage the events that turn the political aura toward the likeness of your political goals. He also strategically works to create a political environment by addressing the actual challenges of the nation and showcases the path for efficiency improvement.

Mr Gupta from the date of inception has tended to revolutionize the scope of the political campaign in Bihar and other states through the integrated digital and traditional platform. Being a renowned political consultant, he works towards contributing a meaningful agenda for the incoming governments. Mr Ashish has remarkable communication skills that help in building and retaining the media relations and even the strategic alliance developments in the industry. He also possesses in-depth experience and knowledge in the field of Election Management, Booth Management and public relations. Mr Ashish & his team have left no stone unturned when there is any work of his political clients.

When it comes to election campaign management services, he and his teamwork is not just limited to developing political campaign strategies, but also come up with powerful yet practical political campaign slogans. He even works towards winning the political campaign ideas and writing an election campaign speech of the candidates so that they can have an emotional connect with their voters.

So, if you want a political consultant or a PR Management Company that can guide you and can help you capture the attention of your voters through data-driven insights and campaign strategies, consult with Mr Ashish Gupta. He and his team can bring up out-of-the-box ideas that can bring up more impact on your political campaign.