Public relations and political campaigns have gone hand in hand over the years

Public relations and political campaigns have gone hand in hand over the years

In the olden days, rulers would erect monuments and statues in their name and have people spread rumours about their enemies in a bid to place themselves on the pedestal. Over the years with the evolution of mass media, reaching out has become a lot more convenient.

The way in which the general public perceived the candidates and their party determines how they will be voting during the election day. Therefore, from Day 1 it is essential to push positive messages regarding how the party can help improve the welfare of the public, infrastructure and general policies, etc.

By enhancing and developing messages via press releases, influencers can share them among audience consisting of targeted demographics. In politics, PR plays a significant role such that it considers voters to not just be mere viewers or consumers, but in fact stakeholders of a party. After all, a party consists of representatives for the general public. It is the voters who help shape the law, bring momentum to the governmental operations. Keeping such responsibilities in mind, it is critical that lies and inappropriate messages should be stayed away from.

At Make You Big, with our years of expertise handling many candidates, we have been able to deliver measurable results consistently and that makes us the Best political PR Agency in Noida Delhi, India. Here is how we go about with our PR for politics


1. Creating Awareness

Have you ever wondered how Barack Obama suddenly barged into the political scene only to secure the highly revered presidential spot? Compared to other candidates who have been campaigning for years, his political fame is attributed to the super strong PR team who helped bring awareness to the people. In Marketing, when a new product or service is introduced in the market, it is introduced in terms of its Unique Selling Points (USPs). This is done to give the brand a characteristic to segregate itself from other competitors. Similarly, every political candidate campaigns using a USP. The general public looks for something fresh and unique and USP is the best bet for a new candidate. Make You Big, being the best pr agency is adept at identifying USPs in a candidate that potentially have an overall positive impact if gone live.
If you are an already popular candidate with a fair share of positive and negative reviews about your work online, we can help suppress the negativity using our PR Management Services in Delhi, India. The gist of using PR in politics is to have a solidified positive image ingrained into the minds of potential supporters because candidates lacking public awareness would certainly find it difficult to win the election.

2. Persuasion

Creating awareness about your existence and your beliefs is not enough. The next, most vital step is to persuade people to vote for you during the election day. Persuasive communication is at the heart of gaining entry into the voter’s list of favorites. In the traditional PR strategies, this would involve some hardcore training of the candidate’s communication style, body language and even the content of the speeches given. In the digital world however, the importance lies in the content. Quality persuasive content is key for getting votes in your favour. Campaigns often are based on promises which are guaranteed to be fulfilled. Therefore, people’s decision to vote will be on the basis of how persuasive, truthful, and sincere this promise sounds to them. In the digital world, it does not have to be all about the fulfillment, but can also be the perfect platform to show your support for other social welfare activities. Often being cohesive to what the public likes makes the general public feel like your really are one of them and therefore, able to better represent them in the government. Being the best pr agency in Noida delhi, India, our branding and promotion services can not only help you reach out to your potential supporters, but can also persuade the public to vote in your favour.

3. Education

Once the awareness aspect is successfully covered, the next step is to educate the supporters regarding exactly what the candidate does: his/her beliefs, goals, and promises. This is an essential step as voting requires a whole lot of convincing and mediating because the people are voting in hopes of their representatives to be the catalysts of change. If the candidate is only focused on awareness campaign and does nothing about the education segment, then the efforts really bear no fruit at all besides burning a hole in your wallet. With thousands of videos and pictures being circulated every second throughout the social media platforms, putting your agendas into the mix can ensure that your potential supporters know exactly what you are fighting for. Care must also be taken to ensure that the message spread is easily comprehensible and does not touch sensitive issues that can cause an unnecessary stir.